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Veg Chowmein—————– 90 ₹

Veg Hakka Noodles———— 100 ₹

Schezwan Hakka Noodles—– 100 ₹

Singapori Noodles————– 110 ₹

Chilli Garlic Noodels———— 100 ₹

Chilli Potato——————— 100 ₹

Honey Chilli Potato————–110

Chinese Bhel———————120

Veg Manchurian-Dry-8 Pcs—–120

Veg Manchurian-Gravy-8 Pcs–120

Fried Rice————————-110

Chilli Paneer-Greavy-8 Pcs—–120

Chilli Paneer-Dry-8 Pcs———120

Paneer 65————————120

Crispy Baby Corn 4 Pcs ——–140

Veg Chopsuey——————-130


Red Sauce Pasta—————– 90 ₹

White Sauce Pasta—————– 110 ₹

Pink Sauce Pasta—————– 100 ₹

Pesto PastaPasta—————– 110 ₹


Size 10″- Thin Crust


Double Margarita Pizza———– 180 

Vegetable Pizza (OTC)———— 180 ₹

Veggi Supreme Pizza (Jalapeno)— 200 ₹

 Mushroom & Cheese Pizza——— 220 ₹

Tandoori Paneer Pizza—————220  

Veggie Mushroom (Green Olives)—- 240 ₹

Veggie Mushroom (Black Olives)—- 240 ₹

Extra Cheese Topping/Cheese Buzz–60 


Garlic Bread

 Pcs 4  -Seasoning+Flakes+Sauce

Plain Garlic—————– 70 ₹

Cheese Garlic—————– 100 ₹

Garlic Vegi—————– 120 ₹

Garlic Supreme—————– 130 ₹


 (300 Gms box)

Rajma + Rice—————– 120 ₹

Chola + Rice—————— 120 ₹

Dal Makhani  +  Laccha Paratha  (2 Piece)————————————-120 ₹

Paneer Butter Masala  +  Laccha Paratha (2 Piece)—————————140 ₹


 (300 Gms box)

Steam Rice—————– 70 ₹

Jeera Rice—————— 80 ₹

Pease Rice——————90 ₹

Paneer Pulao—————-95 ₹

Veg Pulao——————–95 ₹

Veg Biryani——————-110 ₹


Chola Bhatura—————– 90 ₹

Pav Bhaji———————– 80 ₹

Vada Sambhar——————60 ₹

Bombay Wada-Pao————-45 ₹

Chola Pao (4 Pcs)————–80 ₹

Paneer Kulcha (2 Pcs) with Chole—90 ₹


With Sauce
Classic potato & Vegetable Burger— 50 ₹

Aloo Tikki Burg—————— 40 ₹

Paneer Burger——————65 ₹

Mexican Salsa Burger———-80 ₹

Cottage Cheese Burger———90 ₹


With Sauce
Vegetable Sandwich——– 50 ₹

Vegetable Grill Sandwich——- 70 ₹

Veg Grilled Cheese Sandwich—–80 ₹

Cheese Chilli Corn Sandwich——90 ₹

Vegetable Paneer Sandwich———90 ₹

Corn & Spinach Sandwich————90 ₹

Grilled Aaloo Masala Sandwich—–70 

Grilled Aaloo Masala Sandwich with Cheese—–80 

Italiana Veg Sandwich———–85 

Grilled Tandoori Paneer Sandwich—90 

Creamy Paneer Sandwich——-90 

Grilled Mushroom Sandwich——-90 

Home Delivery

Home Delivery available within 10 Km from Murlipura, Jaipur. 

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Hot and testy food will be delivery on time at your door step by our expert team.

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We never compromise with food quality

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Sai baba Bazaar have various variety of dishes, with Indian, chines and fast food.

Sai Baba Bazaar Provideing Best Offers on Food On The Occasion Of New Takeaway Opening.

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